Police Station Attendance

We offer the highest level of Police Station representation

Everyone is entitled to free legal advice when they are detained or attend at a police station voluntarily. We advise you in the strongest possible terms to request legal advice. Contact Pure Law Criminal Defence prior to attending as a volunteer, or inform the police that you want us to represent you.

Unlike most criminal law firms we will ensure that either Tom, Nathan or Gemma represent you in the police station at what is arguably the most important stage of any criminal case.

What happens at the police station often determines the outcome of your case. In our experience, clients who are unrepresented or receive inadequate advice are often placed at a disadvantage throughout their case. Advice is always tailored to the unique facts of every case. In some cases it is best to answer ‘no comment’ or exercise your right to silence. Alternatively, it may be better to provide an account or even a prepared statement.

It is your legal right to have a solicitor of your choice present to assist you in the police station. Legal advice at the police station is completely free of charge regardless of income. This right can only be removed temporarily in certain terrorism cases. Other than this the police cannot take away your right to free and independent legal advice.


Contact Pure Law Criminal Defence now on 02920 595911 to arrange for a solicitor to attend the police station for you, a friend or loved one