Competitive fixed price fees available upon request

With the exception of the most serious driving related offences, legal aid is unfortunately not available for the vast majority of driving related offences.

At Pure Law Criminal Defence Solicitors we recognise that the fear of solicitors or Barristers fees spiralling out of control can be an intimidating prospect. We offer all clients the opportunity of dealing with their case on a fixed fee basis. This offers certainty as to fees and can often be the most cost effective way of funding your case.

Each case is unique and costs will vary accordingly.

Legal aid funding may be available for motoring offences. Please contact us to discuss whether you may be eligible for legal aid.

Where you are not eligible for legal aid, we can offer a fixed fee scheme for most cases.

For the first consultation prior to the first court hearing, at our office or over the phone ( for up to 1 hour of our time ), £150 plus VAT, total £180.

For the first ( plea/ sentence ) hearing at court, £400 plus VAT, total £480.

If you plead guilty but the case is adjourned to another date for sentence, there will be a further fixed fee of £250 plus VAT, total £300 for any subsequent hearing.

If at the first hearing you plead not guilty, the case will be adjourned for a trial on another date, and there may also be a pre trial hearing. 

For a pre trail hearing, £300 plus VAT, total £360.

For a trial up to 1 day of court time, £900 plus VAT, total £1,1080.

For trials lasting more than 1 day, £900 plus VAT for each day, or part day of trial.

The trial fee covers all preparation for trial and one pre trial meeting with you ( any further pre trial meetings will attract a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT ).

If you are found guilty after trial and the case is adjourned for sentence, there will be a further fixed fee of £300 plus VAT, total £360 for any subsequent hearing.

We have devised the fixed fee scheme based on the average time we spend on these type of cases, taking into account our standard hourly charging rate of £230 plus VAT.

In some complicated cases we will charge you on the basis of our standard hourly rate of £230 plus VAT, and we will provide you in writing at the outset of the case (and subsequently if we need to revise the total amount of our fees ) with an estimate of our total fees plus VAT plus disbursements.

Disbursements are in addition to our fees – these could include but would not be limited toour travel expenses, the costs of any expert or medical reports, or any other relevant reports which we might need in your case.

Please call us now on 02920 595911 to discuss the most appropriate way of funding your case. 

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