Drug Driving

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Since the offence of Drug Driving was brought into force in March 2016 there have been a flurry of prosecutions across the country. There are 17 drugs, some prescription and some controlled.

If you are found to have above the specified limit in your blood then you can be prosecuted for the offence of drug driving and potentially lose your licence.

There are however strict procedures that must be followed and failure by the police to follow these procedures can result in allegations of drug driving being dismissed. 

At present there are no guidelines for the offence of drug driving, however the Sentencing Guidelines Council have issued guidance that can be useful in certain cases.

The police are under a duty to provide you with a seperate sample of your own blood should you request it. It should be refrigerated as soon as possible and you should contact Pure Law Criminal Defence immediately so that we can  arrange for the sample to be tested by one of our approved defence experts. 

If you have been arrested and are due to re-attend the police station for an allegation of drug driving or if you have been charged or summonsed to court, please contact Pure Law Criminal Defence for advice and representation at the earliest opportunity.

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