Mobile Phone Offences

We will help you defend your driving licence

The use of a mobile phone whilst driving is often dealt with by a fixed penalty notice (normally £60) and 3 penalty points on your licence.

The case can proceed to court and if you are convicted or plead guilty you can be fined up to £1000 and given 3 penalty points. If the addition of three penalty points to your licence takes you to, or over, 12 points then you are likely to be disqualified for a period of at least 6 months under the totting up provisions. There are ways that you can argue against this ban for example if you can show that a ban will cause you or others exceptional hardship.


There are numerous defences available to those charged or summonsed for the offence of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Often drivers are accused of using mobile phones by a police officer who may have only seen the driver for a few seconds, sometimes at great distance and in poor visibility. Police officers are only human and mistakes are unfortunately made. If you have been the victim of a mistaken police identification there are many points that can be successfully put in the course of a trial to help secure your acquittal. 


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