Magistrates Court

We win Magistrates' Court cases daily

The majority of cases are dealt with in the Magistrates' Court.

Tom, Gemma and Nathan attend the Magistrates' Court on a daily basis and are able to use their wealth of experience to achieve the best possible result in your specific case. We will ensure that we go through the evidence thoroughly with you so that we can provide you with complete comprehensive advice.


If you plead not guilty to the allegation against you we will ensure that your case is fully prepared for trial. Tom, Nathan and Gemma have extensive trial experience and have successfully defended clients in some of the most serious and complex Magistrates trials in England and Wales.

In some cases the evidence may be overwhelming and you may receive a better result by pleading guilty. The choice of plea is yours and you will never be pressured to plead guilty to something you have not done. If you choose to plead guilty then we will meticulously prepare your mitigation and ensure that any guilty plea earns you the maximum reduction in sentence.  



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