Medical Revocation of Licence

We can help you appeal the medical revocation of your licence

If your licence been revoked or suspended on medical grounds then we may be able to help.

There are strict medical standards that are enforced by the Secretary of State for Transport (Chris Grayling) with assistance from DVLA medical advisors. There are different medical and visual standards imposed upon Group 1 drivers (cars and motorbikes) and group 2 drivers (lorries and buses). 

The DVLA will conduct an investigation as to whether a driver is fit to drive.

The DVLA can consider:

Evidence from the driver themselves (e.g. a notification from the driver that they suffer from a medical condition)

Evidence from a medical professional (e.g. a consultant or doctor informing the DVLA that they are no longer fit to drive)

A criminal conviction for alcohol, driving or even drug related offences

Reports from the police following an incident of suspected bad or poor driving

Opticians’ evidence – often in the form of an eyesight/ field of vision test

Can I Appeal the revocation of my licence?

Yes, there are two ways in which you can appeal

Written Representations

The DVLA are under a duty to consider any further medical evidence about an individual’s fitness to drive. We will allocate an experienced solicitor to manage your case and provide you with a detailed evaluation of the further evidence that should be obtained.

Once this evidence has been obtained we will draft detailed case specific representations to the DVLA in order to have your case re assessed.

Appeals to the Magistrates' Court

If the DVLA do not reinstate your licence then there is still the option of appealing to the Magistrates' Court.

There is a strict six month time limit for appeals so it is vital you seek legal advice promptly.

The case will be listed before the Magistrates' Court for a hearing to decide on the balance of probabilities if the appellant is fit to drive. It is normal for the appellant to provide medical evidence such as a letter from a doctor, eyesight tests and on occasions call direct evidence from medical professionals. 

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